Time to Throw Away Your Email Server

Yes, I said it, it is time for the majority of the small and medium size businesses to replace their email server with a hosted cloud solution. I see it every day, companies of various sizes spend a huge amount of money and resource managing their email server infrastructure.

Here are some common problems with an in-house email solution:

  1. Disk storage is always a problem. Mail box sizes are getting larger every day and very few people archive or delete emails
  2. Most of the times there is no redundancy or good backups maintained by the IT staff
  3. SPAM, Viruses and IP blocks (Non-Delivery emails) are very common with an in-house email server
  4. Email server upgrades can be complicated
  5. Costs, this is main reason why any business should switch to a cloud based email server. People forget that maintaining a server Operating System, software CALs, anti-virus program, anti-spam programs all cost a lot of money. Both Microsoft and Google offer a low monthly payment to host email accounts.

The hosted cloud email solutions are not only better and cheaper than in house solution, but they always provide a huge list of features that is not available an in-house email server. For example with Google Apps, you have Google Docs, which provides an entire suite of applications that can benefit the majority of small business.

The two major companies that provide hosted email solutions are:

We've helped many local companies in Michigan to migrate their email infrastructure to Google Apps and Office 365.

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