Dental IT Services

Dental IT Services

As technology and technical solutions become an ever so critical pillar for dental offices so has the need for businesses to find reliable and professional IT assistance. We have helped over 100 dental offices in Michigan and Ohio regions setting up and maintaing their IT infrastructure. We take a holistic approach to your IT environment and ensure all aspects of your dental business IT lifecycle is managed properly and securly. Give us a call to find out how we can be a part of your dental office team

Office Setup

If you are new or exisiting dental office we can help you design, plan and implement all the technology needs for your office. Network, computers, phones, dual TV setup, and more. We have done it before and ready to do it again


Once a practice is up and running you will need to maintain its infrastructure. Network, data, computers and all the updates that are required for compliancy. We have just the right program for you. Call us to find out how we can help.

Security & HIPPA

As technology for dental offices becomes an intregal aspect of operation so has the need to ensure the security and safety of data. We can help secure you network firewall, impement secure HIPPA email encryptions and HIPPA backup

Technology Integration

Will dentrix integrate with XDR. Will Gendex sensor integrate with Dexis. Will my Pan work with my imaging software. Will it be direct integration or twain. We can help answer all those questions and more importantly make it work.

Digital consultations

Many exisiting dental offices wonder if their software/technology solution are up to date. Do they conform to their business needs. What about upgrades or coversions to other solutions; how to plan it and implment it without affecting operation.


Location location location is the real estate industy moto, for IT companies its backup backup backup. Backup is probably the most important task of your IT operation. As long as backup and data integrity is solid we can always ensure continuity